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Times New Roman,20 point, Bold.
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Page setup
Full research paper (only 5 to 10 pages) must be in 2 columns only.

Author name should consist of first name, middle initial, last name.The author affiliation should consist of the following,

  • Name of Company or college.
  • Present address.
  • City, state, zip code.
  • Country name.
  • elephone, and e-mail id.



This part should start on a new page and should detail the difficulties, untested approach, major outcome and deduction in one paragraph and should emerge on the second page Avoid abbreviation, design drawing and quotations in the abstract


Explain the reasons for bearing out the work, summarize the absolutely vital background and clearly state the environment of the hypothesis

Result & Conclusion

The result and conclusion should be accurate with consideration and be a clear in giving the facts and figures. It may be sustained and presented by the graphs, numbers and tables


If authors refer to themselves as recipients of aid or funding, they should do so by their initials separated by points (e.g. A.B.C.).


References should be recorded at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. Articles submitted for publication, unpublished facts, individual communications, etc. should not be included in the reference list but should only be cited in the article text. Authors are completely to blame for the correctness of the quotations.

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